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In this day and age, electrical problems can be disastrous. If your power goes out in your Salt Lake City, UT home, you lose access to the internet, the food in the refrigerator can go bad, the clothes in the washing machine begin to sour and your security system shuts down. If the power goes out at your business, your employees lose productivity, your customers lose access to your products and services and—again—your security is put at risk.

When the lights go out, you need to get them back on, and fast. That’s where we come in. Premier Electric, Inc. can solve your residential and commercial electrical issues with electrical maintenance, installation and rewiring.

Our services

With 20 years in the electrical contracting business, Premier Electric, Inc. in Salt Lake City, UT has gained the experience that allows us to handle almost any electrical issue we face. Our services include:

  • Commercial electrical maintenance
  • Electrical equipment installation
  • Residential remodels and new construction
  • Structured wiring for computers and phones

Call now to learn more about our commercial, residential and memorial estate electrical services. (801) 949-7990

Our process

When you call Premier Electric, Inc. with an electrical problem, we will respond immediately to help you get to the bottom if it. We will come to the site to evaluate the job, make an assessment and then give you a quote. We will draw on our resources and training to fix your problem in the most efficient way possible.

Here at Premier Electric, Inc. we offer a variety of services which include but are not limited to: electrical services, residential and commerical electrical needs, new construction electrical services, remodeling electrical services and electrical repairs. 

Choose Premier Electric, Inc to find the most efficient solutions to your commercial and residential electrical issues.

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