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You've been having trouble with the lights at your Salt Lake City, UT home, and they've never been the same after the last time you attempted to fiddle with the wiring. Call a professional to take care of your electrical issues efficiently. Do not leave your residential electrical needs unattended, call a professional today!

Premier Electric, Inc. can find solutions to your electrical problems, from lighting maintenance to new construction electrical services. We can handle the wiring in a remodeling project, replace your electrical equipment, perform installations and run wiring for computers and phones.
Residential work can be very dangerous, do not crawl on your roof yourself- let a residential electrian handle that! Ensure the saftey of your family with proper residential electrial needs. Premier Electric, Inc. is certified and credible to take care of your needs.
Having your home remodeled? Call one of our residential electricians to help with your wiring while you are remodeling. Premier Electric, Inc. uses the lastest electrical technology tools that guarantee great residential and commercial needs!

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  1. Update your residential electrical system to accommodate your home's increased power needs
  2. Install energy efficient appliances to save on utility costs. This can be done during the remodeling stage or at any time
  3. Install a light dimmer for more control of a room's atmosphere and energy usage

Choose Premier Electric, Inc to improve your home with high quality electrical work.